"USA On the Road... to Natural Parks"



This is the travelogue of a trip we had been dreaming about for many months. When we began preparing it, we had nothing but a dream. It took a pretty long time to organize the whole project but it was worth it.

We reserved all our lodges and rented our car by internet. We bought our airplane ticket at our usual travel agency.
To prepare the trip, we read a few travel guides and utilized software. By clicking on the links you can read our reviews of the travel guides or the software.

The aim of the trip was to have a close contact with Nature. That's why we spent the largest amount of time in the American Natural Parks. Here you can give a look at a short summary of all the hikes we had during our trip.

Some further information to make the reading easier.
The travelogue is organized by main stops and not by days. This is why you can read about the same day in two different stops.
Miles are just those driven from the departure to the arrival. For example, when we spent three days moving between Mariposa and Yosemite that mileage was NOT counted.
The final total number of actually driven miles is 4141, 1091 more than the other number.
If you're interested in some specific leg, you can reach it straight from the left menu. Otherwise you can start reading the whole travelogue clicking below right





The Schedule
The Map
San Francisco
10-13 July
14-15 July
16-18 July
Devil's Postpile
Mono Lake
Death Valley
18-19 July
Las Vegas
20-21 July
22-23 July
Bryce Canyon
24-25 July
Capitol Reef
Goblin Valley

26 July
Dead Horse Point
27 July
28 July
Monument Valley
Valley of Gods
Muley Point

29 July
Lake Powell
Antelope Canyon
Horseshoe Bend

30-31 July
Grand Canyon
1-2 August
Los Angeles
3-4 August
5-6 August

This map wants to give just a general idea of the trip and isn't meant to be precise