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In these pages you can find some advice if you're interested in buying a new guide for your next trip. The area covered by those books is basically the American West.

All the books can be easily found in many big shops like Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Prices are anyway just indicative. For some of the books you can find a downloadable .pdf file showing few pages of the book itself (© of the Publisher). I hope it can be useful to hvae an idea of how the book looks like before buying it. To read the .pdf files you need the freeware software Adobe Acrobat Reader, that you can download for free from the official Adobe site.

This pages want only to give you an idea of which are some of your options but you can find many other books in bookshops and natural parks' visitor centers.
Thus, if you have a favourite book that you think deserves a mention in these pages, let me know and I'll be happy to include it.

Generally speaking I strongly recommend you to take in high consideration not only specifical books but also some of the most famous and popular series, as the ones shown below. Moon Handbooks are my favourite ones and are often perfect when you start planning a trip and the places you want to visit are still quite unknown.

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