"USA On the Road... to Natural Parks"



Here you can read something about us. In this period lot of things are changing and what you can read below could be out of date in few months. I've just moved to the United States and Magda will graduate in a little time. But none of these new happenings will stop us from being the old, good Travellers! We really hope to keep this site always alive with new trips, photos and travelogues.

A short mention for one of my hobbies. If you are interested, give a look at my By Night Postcards page.


name: Magda

nick: LG
  name: Giuliano

nick: adjgiulio


place of birth: Koło, Polska   place of birth: Rome, Italy
date of birth: 16 May 1980   date of birth: 28 February 1976
studies: Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu, kierunek Technologia Żywności, specjalizacja biotechnologia   studies: Statistics, major in Biostatistics
occupation: student   occupation: exploring Seattle :-)
hobbies: genetic biotechnologies   hobby: by night postcards collection
favourite color: blue   interests: soccer, comics, reading, movies, American sports
favorite book: Pinocchio   favourite movie: Terminator
favourite artist: Laura Pausini   favourite dish: pasta
favourite movie: Pinocchio   trips to do: Pacific Northwest, Egypt and Japan
favourite dish: Pasta with four cheeses sauce   favourite number: 17