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Saguaro NP

State: Arizona
Entrances: East District (1) W - West District (4) NE, NW, NW, SW
Closest Cities: Vail
Roads to the Park: I-10
Roads through the Park: Cactus Forest Road, Picture Rocks Road, N Kinney Road, N Sandario Road, Golden Gate Road
Best Trails: Cactus Forest Trail, Freeman Homestead Trail, Cactus Forest Trail
Closest Parks: Chiricahua NM, Organ Pipe Cactus NM, Casa Grande Ruins NM, Petrified Forest NP
Lodges Inside the Park: none
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visited: NO
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Visitatori del parco dal 2002 al 2005 Visitatori del parco nel 2005
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Media delle precipitazioni mensili (in cm) Media delle temperature massime e minime (in gradi Celsius)


Distance from closest Parks
Casa Grande Ruins NM 73 miles
Tonto NM 148 miles
Organ Pipe NM 156 miles
Montezuma Castle NM 179 miles
Chiricahua NM 181 miles
Petrified Forest NP 276 miles
Grand Canyon NP 379 miles
Distanza (in minuti di guida) delle città
nei dintorni del parco dall'entrata del parco